The Château's history

Family estate
since 1925

4 generations
in succession

31 hectares
of vineyards

Jean-Benoit Subra
owner and winemaker


Antonio Subra

In 1925, my great-grandfather Antonio Subra, of Spanish origin, bought the first plots of land and developed, with his children Antoine and Daniel, an agricultural activity.

Over the years, market gardening and livestock farming disappeared, to the benefit of the vineyard. The Château du Garde was born and, through 4 generations, has grown.

In 2009, It’s me, the great grandson Jean-Benoît Subra, took over the family business.

I specialize myself in viticulture and develop, at the domain, new techniques acquired through my travels and my experience.

It is said that a good winemaker is always dissatisfied, we are constantly looking for excellence and originality so my work continues year after year for your pleasure and also mine because a happy winemaker is a winemaker who makes you happy.


Jean-Benoit Subra

vigneron-rauzé lafargue

Château Rauzé-Lafargue

In 2014, the property acquired a new winery and a new brand: Château Rauzé Lafargue, whose first elixir 2015 has just left the winery.

The property now covers 31 hectares in the Bordeaux and Côtes de Bordeaux appellation area. This development was possible thanks to the family’s help.

A big thank you to you

I would like to thank Jean-Francois and Chantal (my parents), Didier and Marie-Thérése, Jérôme and Eugenie, Thomas and my friends.

Thanks to your support, Château du Garde has been able to create great Bordeaux wines and the next ones will be, perhaps one day, stars of Bordeaux…