Harvest 2017: Let’s go!

Today, and after many checks on different parameters such as weather & ripeness, the harvest 2017 is officially  starting!!

After a year with ups and downs , heat wave, frost in April, drought and lately heavy rain (thank God we did not have hail storm),  the Château du Garde can finally start its harvest 2017.

Some plots are very juicy and some, the frosted ones much less…This year, the Château du Garde did it again with the thermo-vinification on few vats in order to offer you a tasty wine and at this time,  it smells like jam in the wine storehouse! Yummyyyyy!

We’ll keep up updated on how this harvest went when it will be over!


Let’s go back to work now! See ya!

>Check our photo album of the Harvest 2017



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